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Perks of dating me: you’ll be the hot one


Cutting or self-harm - It’s an addiction
At first, you start cutting because you’re depressed
You’re sad, or feeling suicidal.

Cutting is like a drug, once you start you don’t stop.
Initially you’ll say only one cut tonight.
Soon it’ll grow to two cuts.
Then three, and the cuts increases till the point
Where you’re filled with lines you’ve drawn
All over your body.

Self-harm is not something anyone can understand
If they didn’t start doing so.
You’ll say tonight will be the last night,
You’ll have cuts on your wrists.
But no, it won’t stop.

It’s an addiction.
It will come to a point where you won’t
No, you can’t stop cutting.
You start cutting for no reason.

You say destroying what’s on the outside
To kill what’s inside of you.
But will the self-harm come to the point
Where you kill yourself
Before you kill the demons in you?

Ignore My Demons That Are Inside And I, I’ve Started It All Over Again  ; Original piece (via wonderer-in-the-darkness)

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Anybody else save it just to read what it said?


It really bothers me when girls complain about their boyfriends that didn’t buy them this or pay for that. He is your boyfriend, not your source of income. Just give me one of your old t-shirts to sleep in, and hold my hand in public and I’ll be happy.

And I hate when boys get mad cause their girls won’t let them hit so they go to another girl

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how do beliebers still even exist

How do dumbasses still exist?

thats literally the exact same question

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Reblog if your ashamed of your weight.

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“i don’t trust anyone anymore” says the 13 year old girl who got in an argument with her friend one time

Or the 13 year old who felt love and got her virginity stolen from her then got left for another, when he promised her forever.

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What if they want to be gay
This isn’t funny This bothers me so much
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